Biggest fml moment ever

I’m walking to work… I get a text from my colleague K who says:

"We’re really packed today (McBusted are here) so you might have to find a different desk."

I’m like this must be some kind of JOKE! What! McBusted?! I send a frenzy of texts to find out if this is real life. I hop on a bus… I am practically bubbling with excitement and disbelief and worry that I won’t get there in time. K texts me and says "Yeah they’ve gone now though"….

I get into work… everyone is looking at me like ahhh you missed it. H shows me photos of her and McBusted… I want to cry. 

Why oh why. Definitely not my lucky day. To be honest if I’d have been there I’d only have embarrassed myself by crying and taking selfies.

Motivate me!

Feeling surprisingly chirpy for a Monday…bit weird…But I have decided I need to get realllyyyy motivated and back on the healthy eating for a while. I’ve been awful at motivating myself food wise and I want to be able to enjoy my holiday (which is all inclusive/in less than 2 months) without feeling guilty!

So any motivational messages or links or pictures or anything, seriouslyyyy welcome guys 💪🍎🌽

Here’s the trailer for The Culture High. You neeeeeed to watch this. 

Today we did a boot fair, where we spent most of our time trying to stop the clothes from flying away… It was crazy windy. Apparently we’re getting the back end of a hurricane.

It cost £12 to get in, we made £18 and I spent £10 on a necklace. So was it worth it? Not really no. But we tried! And I did get this marvellous necklace, which obviously I couldn’t say no to because I am a human magpie.

Regardless, I had the BEST weekend with my Mr. We watched this amazing new documentary called The Culture High last night. Literally, go watch it. I never really paid attention to the whole marijuana legalisation thing but this completely opened my eyes.

If you are so narrow minded as to formulate an opinion on marijuana prohibition based on what everyone else is saying then educate yourself with this documentary. It isn’t just affecting marijuana users, it’s affecting all of us for reasons you couldn’t even fathom right now! Seriously, watch watch watch.

Sorry I’ve been MIA

I’ve been far too busy having cuddles and hot chocolates and doing cute stuff.

Mushy mushy mushy! I love it when he’s here.

And tomorrow we’re doing a boot fair! Awww

The lid of my tea today reminded me of hundreds of tiny spider eyes. Freaky

The lid of my tea today reminded me of hundreds of tiny spider eyes. Freaky

Phrase of the day: Raison d’être

Feeling less like a grouch

So I should tell you about what I’m upto! :-)

For my final project I’ve decided to create a podcast about silence. What is it? Can we ever really experience it?

It will be a personal journey and search for silence. To achieve this, there’s a few crazy things I’m gonna have to do.

Firstly, I’m trying to arrange a visit to an anechoic chamber- a room that is 99% soundproof. It’s so quiet that you can hear your blood rushing through your veins/your nerves system sending signals etc etc. It can make some people hallucinate or feel sick. It’s the closest you’ll ever get to experiencing silence.

Secondly, my tutor wants me to go on a silent retreat/digital detox weekend, which I think will be an amazing experience! And probably quite difficult… No phone or tumblr for a weekend…

And that’s just some of it. It’s gonna be a crazy ride! I’m excited!