Hope you’re all having a magical day! 

Hope you’re all having a magical day! 

I have never believed in the Law of Attraction more than I do right now…

I’m going to warn you now, this is going to be a long post. Today was unbelievable and I have to share it with you in all it’s glory. 

As you’ll probably know, I’m a massive believer in the law of attraction- the idea that you get back what you give out. Like attracts like. So basically, if you’re thinking and feeling negative, you’re getting back…negativity! Exactly. Now, for those of you who think that what I’ve just said is a load of mumbo jumbo, just try it. You’ll be surprised.

Anywho, I’m not here to promote a positive attitude. I’m here to tell you about the bloody magnificent day I had. 

It all started yesterday evening…. After a wonderful weekend I sat down ready to waste away my evening on the interweb (mostly tumbling, obviously) and my laptop screen started blinking uncontrollably. I turned it off. The screen went grey. From there I was sent into an oblivion of laptop withdrawal symptoms and hate for the world.

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Today I completed my second day at Juice FM. So far, I’m really loving it! It’s exciting researching and inviting people into the studios… I literally have complete control over who comes on the show! Today I emailed The Neighbourhood, an awesome band whose song ‘Sweater Weather’ I looooove! If they accept the invitation to come on the show, I’ll actually get to meet them…. *fangirl*

I also contacted the Buzzcocks today! Yes, 1976 punk rock band who sang ever fallen in love with someone, ever fallen in love in love with someone…..Literally, if they get back to me I will die. 

And to top it all off, I got sent a CD today by a band I booked AND free tickets from another band. Perks of the job. Bloody awesome.

(The third picture shows my BEAUTIFUL macbook up and running. Big post to come about this now) 

Sitting in the Apple store

Praying for a miracle

Can everyone send me good vibes pleaseeee… And hope they can fit me in

*please please please*

Update: it’s being sent off for repairs… And it’s under warranty thank goodness

Brighton is never ever dull. Today, Aaron and I went on a trip into town to visit his favourite organic food shop. On our drive in, we were passed by tonnes of motorbikes and scooters. As we got nearer the center, it was clear that Brighton was absolutely FULL of bikes. It was like a scene from Quadrophenia!

We soon found out that it was the ‘Brighton Burn Up’ ace cafe reunion. Aaron was having kittens. And I must admit, it was so awesome. The sheer volume of bikers and the overwhelming roar of them driving past in groups… It was really exciting!

We parked up and did our usual trip round the laines. As we started to get peckish, we made our way towards the sea front to go and see the huge mass of bikes. As if by magic, we stumbled upon Brighton Food Festival! There were tonnes of food stalls from around the world, jams, local honey suppliers… Again, Aaron was having kittens. Food + bikes = very happy boy.

We shared a satay chicken curry with rice and then made our way to the front. It was jam packed with bikes and men in leathers. I prefer a good scooter and Parker myself… The whole thing had me wishing I could go back in time to the day of the Brighton riots. I can’t imagine the excitement. I would’ve been a mod for sure!

Anyway, this evening Aaron went home *cry* and then my laptop started to blink uncontrollably and now the screen is grey *cry* ….. So minus this evening, my weekend was awesome.

Today, we made super tasty mochas (complete with marshmallows and magic stars) and a banana cake. Well, Aaron made the cake and I made a chilli.

Then this evening I had my eyelash extensions taken off! It’s such a shocker after having massive lashes. My eyes need a break so I guess I will have get used to it. But seriously I look like a bald eagle.

Things and stuff

⛄ I watched Frozen for the first time yesterday. It was quite good but I don’t see what all the fuss is about! Talking of Frozen, my new room seems to get so cold and a lot of the time I am frozen. Make way Elsa

🎁 I really love looking at all the DIY craft stuff on Pinterest. I’m really inspired to make lots of my Christmas presents this year! 

🚴 Aaron is coming down tonight and bringing his bike. We’re gonna go out on a bike ride! Awwww

🎲 Saturday, me and Sam are going to celebrity bingo. The two gay guys from Gogglebox are presenting it and there’s lots of people performing! Plus, the prizes are wicked. We’re such grannys!

💗 I really love my job and my boss. It’s so fab. Admittedly, we do spend most of our time gossiping over coffee.

Rhodes, Greece, a set on Flickr.

Here they are! A few of my Greece fliks. Wedding photos to come!

I’m really excited, I bought Adobe Lightroom Student Edition last night! I realised you can buy it with paypal so after much hmmmmmming I decided to go for it. I’ve been selling old clothes on DePop lately so I’ve had some £s adding up in my paypal.

Wooo wooo! This means I can upload all my Greece photos soon. I’m just waiting for Adobe to verify the fact I’m a student. Then I will be away with the editing fairies.

Photos above:
1. My beach creation. I filled a carafe from dinner with stones from the beach. It literally took hours of me and Sue sitting in the sea, chatting and searching for stones. But I love it!

2. The wedding invitation!

3. The photo on the back of the invitation and our view throughout the evening meal. It was gorgeous.


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