Watch where you put your stilettos girls! I don’t appreciate my foot being crushed *owww*

Watch where you put your stilettos girls! I don’t appreciate my foot being crushed *owww*

Calling fellow bloggers…

I’m a bit rubbish with themes and doing fancy stuff. I’d really like to add the following to my blog:

Who can help me?

In an ideal world, I would LOVE a code that gives me a fully customisable theme so all I have to do is design the ‘look’ on Photoshop and then upload it to the theme. Any ideas?!

Come on you clever coders….

Currently working on this little flutterby 💙

Currently working on this little flutterby 💙

Exciting stuff is happening *buzz buzz buzz*

I don’t want to say too much BUT next Tuesday I have an interview for an assistant booker role at a well known radio station!!!!!

I am so excited I might die. This could be the start of my dream. 

Don’t panic everyone!

Brian isn’t dead. My mistake. That would’ve been a shambles.

Being lazy with Kim K

🏡 Had the laziest two days ever. Needed it. Working from home tomorrow too, woohoo!

👠 So I downloaded that Kim K game y’all are talking about! I’m bloody addicted. Thanks guys, thanks. Still an E list though. I hate waiting for energy!

🐶 Why on EARTH have they killed off Brian Griffin? And replacing him with this new shit dog? Who is this guy? It feels so weird.

✈️ I’m super excited… My nan wants to take us away for her 70th this year…. To Egypt! How amazing!

The bargains!!!! £13 whattttt

Friday Five

🎁 It’s spiritualbeautysam's birthday! We went into town for most of the day and ended up in JB's diner. No suprise there!

🍥 The peanut butter milkshake at JB’s is heaven… Mmmmmm

🎈 My favourite shop is having a massive clearance sale and I got a wooden set of desk drawers, black jewellery box and awesome skull ornament for £13. #bargainhunter #luckyno13

🎉 We got home, had a joint nap for an hour and now were getting ready to go to Pryzm

👯 That nap so wasn’t long enough though……#sleepy

Sam’s birthday!!!!!!! 😍✨

Sam’s birthday!!!!!!! 😍✨

Shout out to our shitty washing machine for breaking and pulling all my clothes 👍